Shannon Mucha's paintings are inspired by literature, poetry, and the history of ideas.

This series of mixed media oil paintings act as a visual response to various literary works. While literature contains both concrete images, layered themes and abstract ideas, this collection of paintings strives to capture the multifaceted embodiment within the authors writing. Using similar visual elements is the connecting tool in unifying this body of work. The Expressionist style of painting, color palette, movement deriving out of the palette knife strokes, and the three dimensional use of string, serves to connect the numerous subjects.

Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she has studied art history, graphic design, illustration, visual communication, photography, and painting. Before starting a family, Shannon worked as a corporate artist painting murals and later as a graphic artist designing museum exhibits, environmental design, and print collateral for an international design firm. She and her husband Marcus now have a freelance business focused in the areas of design, photography and fine art. Shannon is currently working on her master’s degree and home schools her four children.

The Abstract Expressionist style helps in visually communicating how an idea feels. This visual response to literary and poetic themes assists in processing, interacting and understanding the material. In addition to this series of paintings, Shannon is also working on a visual diary of her journey through the great books.

Shannon’s creative influences are Makoto Fujimura, Helen Frankenthaler, Alice and Martin Provensen and Ryan Hewett.

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Shannon Mucha